RECOVERY WORKS! "35 years and still going strong"
"I have a place to go when I get out” Male at Midland Country Jail Community in Schools PBRCADA Workshops - CEU's - Education We've severed 1000's of young people and families over the years Thank you PDAP
Culver Youth Home
Greenwood ISD
Challenge Day
XY Zone
PDAP changed my life! Wow, sobriety is the real thing! I Thank God for PDAP!
"PDAP changed my life for the better” "I love the hugs I get from people that really care” ”I am now free from the effects of mind changing chemicals” Free! "26 years sober and each day gets better and better" "PDAP helped me get my child back"
"I am sober 3 months for the first time in 15 years"
RECOVERY WORKS! "PDAP gave me my life back"