The Midland Coalition Unites our Efforts to Prevent Substance Use 

Believing that there is power in numbers and resources the Midland Coalition was formed to educate and plan projects that allow all agencies to be a part of preventing underage use of alcohol and drugs in our community.  The Coalition builds partnerships between community agencies that work on various projects, such as "Medication Take Back" and "The Marijuana Mystery".  The issues of prevention are presented in the schools, and community that address substance use, self-esteem, decision making. goal setting and bullying. Surveys are taken each year to seek out what young people think about the various problems that they face among their family and peers,  which allow us insight to their  problems that they address in their lives.

PDAP's origins date back to 1971 in Houston Texas, when Father Charles Wyatt-Brown, rector of  Houston's Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church began holding meetings to assist young people with alcohol and other substance-abuse problems.  These sessions were not focused on treatment or therapy and didn't promote or encourage hospitalization.  Rather they relied on a modified 12 step program similar to the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous that was designed to help kids realize that if they loved, accepted, and supported one another, they could go forward and live a sober, happy, stable life.  But more than that, these young people discovered that through loving and helping each other through the strength and unity and compassion of their peers - they felt better about themselves.

In September, 1979 Palmer Drug Abuse Program Midland, had their first meeting at the First United Methodist Church Midland Texas.  It was brought to Midland by concerned parents and community leaders to offer the same prevention, intervention, and recovery services that were so successful in Houston. For 35 years  The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) has provided free services designed to help the young people and their families and those seeking help.  Over the years  we have increased our efforts with more involvement in the schools, Midland County Detention Center, Teen Court, Midland County Jail and we offer local EAP services to our oil industries.  We continue to offer individual 12 step counseling, 12 step groups that are structured by staff. 

We also provide prevention services through the Midland Coalition. Believing there is power in numbers and resources, the Midland Coalition was formed to educate and plan projects that allow all organizations, agencies and individuals to be a part of preventing underage use of alcohol and drugs in our community.


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Marijuana Mystery Campaign
"Marijuana is the #1 reason why kids are entering treatment facilities today."

During a regular scheduled monthly meeting in 2012 the Midland Coalition saw a need to bring awareness to the issue of marijuana. The concern was the growing push to legalize the drug and the lack of information as to the dangers of its use/abuse. Common questions include:

  • "Is there a medicinal use for marijuana?"
  • "Is marijuana as harmful as tobacco?"
  • What are the physical/mental effects of regular use of marijuana?"

A committee was formed and after receiving funding launched a year long campaign in March 2014.

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