(posted February, 2016)

*Name and face have been changed to project the anonymity of our client. 

That's PDAP's story. We help save individuals, families, and our community. 

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"My parents are both drug addicts; I never know what to expect when I go home. Some days are ok, others are total chaos," she whispered. I'm failing in school because I choose to skip with my friends to get high. I was invited to PDAP just to hang out, then to attend a meeting. They told me all I needed was a desire to live a drug-free life. After having the counselor point out to me that I was on the same road as my parents, I got serious about working the program and started meeting with the counselor every week.

That was a year ago, PDAP has been a safe place for me to go to do my homework, hang-out shoot pool, play ping pong, or talk and watch TV. I feel loved and accepted for who I am, and I am becoming a better person; someone, I even like. I talk, and people listen and have genuine friends I can trust to love me enough to hold me accountable. Today, I have nine months sober. 

PDAP counselors invited *Alicia and her friends to the PDAP Community Building where they come at no cost for counseling, a safe place to do homework, hang out with friends and to have sober fun. We also offer education and support groups for the whole family. 

Alicia stayed in school and continued reaching out to others abusing drugs, even her parents. One parent has attended a few meetings, and Alicia is hopeful they will return and join her in recovery. 


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